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I am a perennial procrastinator, I am a full time student (taking SIX classes right now, I am dying...) I work part time in a sushi restaurant, I am an artist, working with the UGDC to make a computer game.

I am a photographer, a drawer (as in artist...), an anime-otaku, a mathematician, a flautist, a fighter, and a martial artist.

I am Foucauldian - it follows that I am also an atheist,and that I am skeptical of "human nature".

I am anti-EXTREMEfeminist -- please do notice I am only against the extreme ones. I do support equality.

I speak fluent Cantonese. I speak some English. I speak broken Japanese.

To summarize... I am a jack of all trade!


I live in a student ghetto, the picture to the right shows my backyard.

I have 8 roomates, making 9 people in total in this humble property. Most of us are students, it's also a remarkably transnational space. Right now, on my floor, only Peter is native English speaker. Lilian is French Canadien; Julia is from Germany, I am from Hong Kong.

I love this place. The mix of students and multi-cultures make this place a hot-house of intellectual exchange.

Who am I?