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Character Design Library


Hi guys,

If you made it here, I assume you are my UGDC "uprising" teammate.

I received the story outline from the writing team a few days ago, but like everybody else, I am drowing in school work right now x_x I made a few rough sketches, it's just some mindness doodling. It's not final.

I haven't work on any Ogres yet, but they will come...


In the mean time, here is the she-elf and a Lizardman.

Height relation sketch

She-elf 1

She-elf 2 (profile)


I was bored and redo the 2 profiles in vector. If you can open macromedia freehand file, you can download them.


Click here to see some design notes about the lizardman race . I really need your feedbacks!


Please e-mail me if you have any suggestion or critique. You can also leave me messages at the Uprising forum.






A small update here:

No, I haven't been lazy, I have been researching for our reptilian race. Check the lizardman design notes for updates.

Also, I apologize for the lack of organization... I will make a different site when I have more time. Right now, this is also going to be my SD9 images site. Here are two images:

Red noise problem - my study space

A cliche subject :p- butterfly, cropped



Some links to my other crap:

Foucault - Mice - Aboue me



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